Yoga Therapy

A Path to Pain Management and Wellness

Yoga Therapy is a healthy path and complementary to your Primary Treatment Program, that will cultivate wellness from pain and restrictions due to injury, illness or neglect. If you are currently experiencing any of the following Yoga Therapy with Megan McCarver is suitable for you.

Treatment Services

Low Back Pain   Post Surgical Recovery
Sciatica   Arthritis
Headaches Fibromyalgia
Shingles Peripheral Neuropathy
Plantar Fasciitis   Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Fatigue   Hormonal Imbalances
Post Stroke Recovery   Immune Diseases
Asthma Anxiety

What is Yoga Therapy Yoga with Megan McCarver?

Yoga Therapy begins with breathing and nourishing relaxation techniques. With these essential foundations together, we identify imbalances and build strength in the physical body, educate your thinking mind and reinforce your spiritual connection so that you can return to balance with optimum health and harmony.

Severe pain leaves you with fear of re-injury. Our goal is to gradually rebuild your confidence from a physical, energetic, emotional and intellectual foundation. 

What Will My Outcome Be?

You will experience gradual and graceful build up of strength and flexibility incorporating smooth and fluid movements that will extend out to your daily deeds. This includes a daily wellness routine with the confidence that you will not re-injury yourself.

  What will I learn?
  Mindful Meditation
  The Tools to Induce a State of Relaxation.
  Mutual Communication with your Pain.
  Posture and Presences
  A New Language and Appreciation for you and your life.
  Develop Realistic Goals for Self Care.
  Tools and Techniques to Manage your Pain during a Flare up.
  A New Sleep Routine.
  Loving Kindness, Forgiveness and Compassion

“The coming to consciousness is not a discovery of some new thing: it is a long and painful return to that which has always been.”
– Helen Luke.


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Group Classes at YogaWorks in Mission Viejo, CA

Where: 27001 La Paz Road Suite 206 / Mission Viejo / CA 92691
When: Monday & Wednesday / Time: 7 - 8 PM • Level One
Saturdays / Time 11 – 12 PM • Level One
Call YogaWorks at (949) 380-9642 for more information or directions.


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Recommended DVDs for Yoga Therapy 

Thank you for joining me on the path of yoga. Led by the virtuous heart, we begin with the first ethical precept from the Yoga Sutras of Patajali: ahimsa, usually translated as “non-violence”. In the present moment we practice peace within ourselves and breathe peace to others in our thoughts, in our words, in our actions and in our deeds.

Next we illustrate our energy flow through different shapes and postures pacing them to our mindful breath, balancing our inner vitality and light. Then we learn to cultivate care and spontaneous integration around our awakening heart. Lastly, in harmony with nature, we live to serve our love eternally, achieving our goals towards higher consciousness and world peace.



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