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Common Sense - Common Decency - Common Courtesy

Ruben Miranda

Ruben Miranda

I am running for the County Commissioner seat for Kootenai County in District 3. What's more, I am running as a Democrat. This last part comes as a bit of a surprise to some. Three times I have heard, after introducing myself, "Oh, you're the Democrat!" My response has been "Yes, I am, but I am not the ONLY one!" Far from it. The number of Democrats and/or like-minded people in Kootenai County is large and increasing.

The belief in a common sense, common decency and common courtesy governance is growing. Local government affects the people directly and immediately. Common sense must be put ahead of partisan ideology. Common decency must be applied to the decisions that will have an effect on the people.

I spent close to 40 years as a software developer and then as the CIO of a major manufacturing company. This business tenure taught me many things with the most important being:

Working effectively with people at all levels of an organization
Planning, developing, and implementing company-wide programs
Fiscal planning with budget responsibilities to predict project ROI

I am confident that these skills I have developed over a liftime of service will serve you well as your County Commissioner.


Responsible economic development that is sustainable.

Building codes and standards that put your safety first.


Environmental codes and management practices that preserve our natural resources.

Open dialogue among all constituents to determine a common vision for our future.

Your New Miranda Rights

You have the right to not be silent, speak out and vote. If you give up this right, anything can be used against you. You have a right to caring and responsive representation. If you do not have a good representative, one will be provided to you by your VOTE.

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"You have the right to not be silent - speak out and vote."

- Ruben Miranda

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